I'm in a music video!

I starred in my first music video! (final video below)

The song is about a young man who vapes, drinks and has kind of a hipster vibe.  And I was cast as the upiddy religious guy who rejects him based on how he looks.

Apparently the director thought I was perfect for the part.  I asked him what I should wear and he replied, "Your exact normal clothes." 

Oh… OK.  Well how do you want me to act?  What's my direction?  "Just act exactly like you would normally act."

Nice.  Thanks friend.  That hurts a bit.

Well, I'm happy to report… I crushed it.  It was easy.  I just gave that young man my best disappointed dad face and watched him sulk away.  I crushed it alright.  Right along with his spirits.  I guess some things just come naturally.

You’re welcome world.  I'm glad to play the role in the video, but I sure am glad it's just a role.  Life would be miserable if this was truly my outlook.  As I enjoy my journey, I try to look at all people with a non-judgmental and inclusive attitude.  I love people.  I love our differences.  Without them, this world would be a monotone and boring place.


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