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8:00 - June 12 - Grand Rapids - 6 comics- $5

Would this be considered heckling?
A Valentines morning surprise that went horribly awry.
Adventures with Goat Yoga
Adventures at Disney world celebrating 2 years sobriety.
Adventures in diversity

Brief highlights from GLS w/ bloopers at the end.

A Bathroom Celebrity

Peanut Allergies

It’s Renee’s fault

Pros and Cons of Comedy

Apple Cider Vinegar

Galatians 5:1

Dave Ramsey

The crap trap

Beer City

stand up comedy

My full set with the inspirational comedy crew at the cubby hole

The full video of my set from Monday Night Live hosted by Kentwood Community Church and Celebrate Recovery

The full video of my first time performing stand up comedy

Be entertained and encouraged by my story of recovery, mental health & joyful grieving. Be prepared to both laugh and cry as I transparently share. Filmed on 1/21/19 at Celebrate Recovery, Kentwood Community Church.