A Big Game

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I experienced the benefits of addiction recovery while at the Michigan State football game yesterday.

That’s a big statement, but it was a big game, so what would you expect?

Midway through the second quarter, they initiated a lightning delay and evacuated the stadium. I then spent the next 3 hours and 22 minutes huddled up in Wells Hall hoping the rain would go away and the game would continue.

Not so long ago, my response to the delay would have been quite different. By this point in the game, my cravings would have been so intense that my only priority would have been to get a drink and a smoke somewhere. Instead of waiting things out, I would have been on a mission to acquire and consume alcohol, which would have almost certainly lead me away from the game and caused me to miss out on an awesome experience.

But because of the healing and growth I have experienced through Celebrate Recovery, I was able to endure and even enjoy the alcohol free game delay.

And the rewards were incredible. So many people left during the delay that I was able to move from one of the worst seats in the house (section 112, row 30, seat 8) to one of the very best (front row, 10 yard line, MSU bench side).

From my new seat, I watched MSU fight out the 27-24 win over the Nittany Lions, all while experiencing incredible feelings of victory, comradery and joy. 

I’ll let you decide if those feelings were due to the game, recovery or both.  God bless.


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Thanks for letting me share.

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