The Degi Draft

Orchestrated by the very funny Adam Degi, The Degi Draft coincides with the NFL Draft, but instead of athletic talent, people are drafted based on their ability to entertain and communicate via social media.

It was great fun to compete and it was hilarious to watch comedians, normal people and even a couple babies make their play to get drafted.

Below are a few of the videos that earned me the #4 overall draft spot. and there is much more on The Degi Draft page and The Degi Draft Room Group.

And if you’re feeling inspired… remember, It’s never too early to start campaigning for the #DegiDraft2020.

It's all about setting expectations.
I make my run for the Degi Draft
I'll never achieve highest honor in comedy without facing my fears.
Things are heating up in the Degi Draft
My journey before, during and after being drafted 4th overall in the famed Degi Draft