The School of Laughs

The School of Laughs Podcast - Episode 190

Unbeknownst to him, Rik Roberts taught me everything I knew about comedy.  So it blew my mind when right before my very first comedy show, he walked up, looked me in the eye and said hello. 

We did not know each other. In fact, I would not have recognized him if it weren’t for his name tag and familiar voice.

His voice was so familiar because Rik had been indirectly teaching me how to write and perform comedy through his podcast, the School of Laughs. For months I had been listening to he and his guests discuss the nuances of comedic communications.

After this serendipitous connection, he sat with me during the show, shared some encouraging words prior to my set and then critiqued it afterwords. 

Now just one year later, I’m a guest on his School of Laughs podcast!

We discuss the painful events that lead me into comedy, what this first year has looked like and what lies ahead for The Unemployed Alcoholic.

Enjoy the podcast and #EnjoyYourJourney.