I wish I was hungover


Ever since I quit drinking, I’ve been waking up early, energetic and ready to tackle the day.

And sometimes that sucks. 

Like this morning, when I decided to venture out to the Wolverine Worldwide annual United Way sale hoping to save big on a new pair of sandals.

Yup, me and a couple thousand of my closest friends were waiting together in the rain at 6:30 a.m. for our chance to snag a pair or two of shoes at deeply discounted prices.  It was terrible.

All I could think of while regretfully rethinking my decision was, this would never have happened when I was drinking.  Nope!  Instead, I’d be laying in bed, licking my wounds from the night before with debilitating nausea and a crippling headache... But at least I wouldn't be here.

Oh, how I miss the sweet, sweet sting of a hangover… that perfect blend of paralysis, regret and pain.

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So cheers to my past hangovers for keeping me from adventures that could have gone awry.

But also — Thank you Lord for my sobriety!  I am so thankful that I now wake up with energy, a clear head and a zeal for life... even if that occasionally lands me with a crowd-full of strangers in search of a deal on shoes.

Thanks for letting me share,

Aaron Sorrels - The Unemployed Alcoholic

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